Florida Lighting and Traffic, Inc. (FLT) is a lighting and electrical manufacturer representative founded in Florida in the year 2010. FLT operates in the entire State of Florida. FLT’s headquarters are in Miami, FL with a satellite office in Cocoa Beach, FL. Its client base is represented by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), electrical distributors, contractors, municipalities, and government institutions like airports, seaports, etc. (more...)

About Florida Lighting & Traffic

Florida Lighting & Traffic represents a wide range of brand
names covering all possible lighting applications.

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  • Bob Joyner – Florida Lighting and Traffic Specialist

    Bob will be our FDOT specialist. Bob’s forte is his relationships with the FDOT Electric Contractors that he has been maintaining for over 20 years. He has wide-ranging knowledge when it comes to FDOT, Lighting, Traffic Signals, Structures and Equipment that he has gained from extensive training and hands-on experience from many of the leading manufacturers.

  • Florida Lighting and Traffic, Inc. Contacts

    Florida  Lighting and Traffic, Inc. 9350 Sunset Drive, Suite 105 Miami, Florida 33173 Phone: 305.666.4210 Fax: 305.676.8984 info@themlsgroup.com CONTACTS Jenae Leon jleon@floridaltg.com Manager 305.666.4210 Mainnor Pino mpino@floridaltg.com Specification Sales 561.373.9004 Miguel Elias melias@floridaltg.com Inside Sales and Customer Service 305.666.4210